stop, breathe, & think / by Kaitlin Ungs

I've taken a few meditation and mindfulness classes, but I've never been able to stick with it as a lifestyle. While I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday, I found someone asking for apps that would help her practice mindfulness every day. A very common suggestion was an app called Stop, Breathe, & Think. The sheer amount of suggestions to download it made me search for it in the app store, and I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the app. SBT is playfully illustrated with neutral pleasing colors. It explains thoroughly (but kindly) what mindfulness is and you can either go through a mood self evaluation or you can go through a list and pick a (FREE) meditation right off the bat. I haven't looked into the organization who developed it, but they look like a solid cause. The app is free and you can download up to something like 7 extra meditations for 99 cents to $2.99. It's a fantastic app.

BASICALLY, if you have ever had any interest in meditation or mindfulness, DOWNLOAD THIS.

Screenshots below are taken from the iTunes store
(I have not been paid to say anything here. I just love mindfulness and this app is AWESOME)