Creative Mornings MPLS: Community / by Kaitlin Ungs

Creative Mornings was amazing this morning (sign up for their emails!), it was focused on community and the gals from The Coven, which is a collaborative community and co-working space.

They (four women in marketing jobs in MPLS) wanted to create a space for women and non binary people to gather and create. They realized whenever they gathered people together (originally called their meetings "witching hours", ha!), magic happened. They wanted to keep that magic in a space. (Think: an all women's conference where you get REALLY inspired by all these like-minded people, but then when you leave, the feeling dissipates.)

Their business plan originally came from a place of anger because of the political / social climate in 2017. Andrea Jenkins told them, "If you're going to burn something down, you need to build something in its place." The plan totally changed to a place of joy, building community, and unapologetically standing up for their values.

The Coven has a 5-for-1 membership program. For every 5 memberships, one is donated to a woman / non-binary person who is in a community that would otherwise be not well represented. Think communities of color, people with disabilities, single mothers, etc. This is in place so it's not just rich white women who can afford a membership and it keeps the community representative of the actual Twin Cities community.

Things the Coven is working on:
x trying stuff (and failing)
x unlearning harmful myths about scarcity (there's room for everyone to be successful)
x creating meaningful belonging for all
x doing hard work from a place of love

Notable quotes:
"People want to be seen, heard, and validated."
"We don't want you to feel like an 'only'."
"Everyone is better when everyone is better."
"Do the most good." (this is displayed prominently in their space, it's their motto)

The Coven is a for-profit business but is very socially and community minded. Men can donate money for a woman's or a non-binary person's membership, anyone can donate to their cause, and I think you can check their place out if you ask. Here's their contact info!
Facebook x Twitter x Instagram and their website.

I loved going to this FREE event hosted by Creative Mornings (seriously, check them out) and loved meeting new people in my community!

The next event will be hosted on Sept. 21 by a local artist named Ashley Mary Barlow.