life of a designer

Griffinview by Kaitlin Ungs

I have been working at summer camp for the past 3 months! It's a camp for children whose special social, economic, or medical needs might not otherwise allow them to enjoy a summer camp experience. For the most part, I have been there and working with children every single day.

At the beginning of each summer, the counselors have a training week. During this training week, we decorate the cafeteria to fit the theme of the camp season. This year, our theme was "Wizards and Warriors." I have made 'find your new name' boards for the cafeteria each year that I've worked for this camp, and this year is no different. Check out the board and find your own wizard or warrior name!

snail mail by Kaitlin Ungs

Something that stuck with me after visiting a stationery store was "send mail worth saving." I love sending letters and receiving mail, I always try to make whatever I send special. I was looking for cards in my parent's basement yesterday and I came across a booklet my grandpa sent them in 1983. 1983! That's 32 years ago. I love they they've saved it for this long and I also love the booklet. Who sends booklets? Who saves mail for 32 years?!! Check out the gallery below to see some mail my family has deemed worth saving.