kids say the darndest things by Kaitlin Ungs

All the brave, crazy people out there who also work as camp counselors know that some kids are just a vocalized stream of unedited thoughts. Some of the kids this summer were perfect examples, as listed below.

My lovely co-counselor for the last 3 weeks of the session is Australian. She has some different words for things: chewing gum is chewy, tennis shoes are runners, and swim suits are bathers. The list goes on and on, but the one that got the most reaction from the kids was that flip flops are thongs. She would say how she loves her thongs and wears them constantly, and you could pretty much see the kids' eyes flashing with, "OMG?! WHAT DID SHE SAY?" Mostly they just giggled and went on with their day, but one girl in particular was a little more concerned. Here's how our conversation played out.

(sidenote: we have camp names and all the kids and all the counselors use them. my camp name is Renegade and my cc is Stingray or Ray)

camper: "I can't believe that where Stingray is from, they
call flip that girls wear."
me: Thongs? That's not a bad word, you can say that.
camper: "Well they're just really weird underwear."

Every week we start off with general camp and cabin rules. We cover the buddy system, wearing shoes, how to ask to go to the bathroom at night, being respectful of others, and just the basics of being a good person. One of my little campers decided to make up her own cabin rules, which you can read below from the photos. 

I was gone for one week because I was sick (it was awful) and while I was gone, there was a love letter written to one of the counselors. We had 11 year olds that week and one of them found out that one of the counselors was 18. The letter in the photos below followed. (She never got her 'anser.')